Thermax (Zhejiang)Cooling & Heating Engg. Co.,Ltd.

Company Introduction

Thermax is an engineering major company  providing energy  and environment solutions through its products and systems inglobal markets .Thermax , with turnover of USD 800 mn , has been featured inthe  Forbes List of “Best Under a Billion Companies in Asia Pacific region. Thermax offers business to business solutions to industrial and commercialestablishments in areas of heating , cooling , captive power, water treatment ,air pollution control , waste management and chemicals . It supports a wide spectrum ofcommercial and industrial segments in over 60 countries in N America, SAmerica, Europe,Russia, CIS countries ,Middle East , Africa, South East Asiaand Asia Pacific region .  

Thermax, a recognized world leader in absorption chiller technology , has now established itself in China to be closer to thecustomers in the world’s largest  market through its 100% subsidiaryThermax ( Zhejiang ) Cooling and Heating Engineering Company  Ltd . Thecompany established with a capital of over USD 20 Mn , has its state of theart  , efficiently designed , modern plant at Jiaxing, Zhejiang  inthe heart of the Yangtze  Delta region in China .The plant has beendesigned with help of  team of consultants from USA  and follows theLean Manufacturing management and Synchronized Demand flow for the productionto meet the requirements of the customer in the most efficient way .  Withthe China committed to work on reducing the Global warming through energyefficiency programmes and environment protection , Thermax brings in its latestand most efficient innovative absorption chiller products for meeting therequirements of the various industrial and commercial applications which arewell proven world wide .  Thermax becomes the only company in the world tohave its 100 % owned   absorption chiller manufacturing facilities inthe leading economies of the world India and China , well geared to meet theneeds of the  world markets apart from the growing markets of theseemerging giant economies  .

Thermax nurtures innovation and encourages development at alllevels of working , which has contributed significantly in raising theperformance and efficiency parameters of our products .Dedicated Research andDevelopment Group has achieved spectacular breakthroughs in absorption coolingtechnology over the years and various innovative products have received globalrecognition . Our Hot water series chillers received the prestigious EnergyProduct of the Year in UK and our Trigenie Series Multi Energy chillers baggedthe top award in the most innovative product design category in Bry Air Awardsfor excellence in HVAC & R in 2006 . Latest addition to this is a another Bry Air Award in 2007 for the Zero Degree chilled water Lithium Bromidechillers .Apart from these we have cooperated in joint development programmeswith leading research institutes like ZAE Bayern , in Germany for innovativeproducts and applications .

Thermax commitment to Conserving Energy and PreservingEnvironment and saving  millions of kwh units of electricity and millionsof tons of CO2 and preventing ozone depletion  every year through itsabsorption chiller applications in commercial and industrial applications.Thermax’s  integrated expertise in heating cooling and waste heatrecovery has helped it offer various solutions including Combined Cooling andHeating and Power projects world over including China .

Leveraging its leadership position in Absorption technologyThermax has offered the environmental friendly and energy efficient chillers toover 5000 customers worldwide including prestigious customers like MercedesBenz, BBC Television studios, Nestle , Cadbury , Coca Cola , Audi , Bosch , AkzoNobel , Panasonic , Henry Ford Museum , etc .

Thermax has an extensive network in China and across the globein all continents with well trained after sales service engineers . Thermax hasover 17 internationals offices located in North America  , South America ,Europe , Russia , Africa , Middle East , South Asia , South East Asia apartfrom its headquarters in India and  China .

The Thermax Group’s manufacturing facilities  spread over 5 locations inIndia and China over 20 plants measuring a covered area of over 100,000sq.  mt  are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited .Thermax manufactures to the international standards like ASME , PED, BS, DIN ,and GOST .Lloyds , Bureau Veritas ,SGS , TUV and DNV have  inspected thefacilities .

·  Highest COP Twin Absorber and Twin Evaporator Steam Chillers over 1.45 .

·  World first Multi Energy Chillers – Optimum use of energy sources in applications

·  World first Absorption chiller working capable of working at Zero deg C

·  World largest exhaust driven chiller over10 Million Kcal Cooling Capacity